About ME

Hello, I am Jennifer Rosner the owner of MedicaidXPress, LLC.


After years of working for the Board of Social Services in the Adult Medicaid department I have taken my knowledge and experience to a whole new level. No longer is there red tape, deadlines, and politics that can hold me back from helping you and your loved one completely and fully through the ABD (aged, blind, disabled) Medicaid process.

I graduated from Rutgers’s University with my BA in Psychology, and Wilmington University with a Master’s Degree in Business. I have also been certified by the CMP Board as a Certified Medicaid Planner.



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MedicaidXpress offers expert full-service Medicaid application solutions. We are based in South Jersey, however we service all counties New Jersey. At MedicaidXPress we are fully committed to our customers and their loved ones in supporting them through the Medicaid Application process.

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