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Is ABD Medicaid a State or Federal Program?

Is ABD Medicaid a State or Federal program? A question that is often asked, but rarely completely answered. Also depending on who you ask this question could reveal a variety of different answers.


That's because there is overlap between federal and state Medicaid guidelines that can make it very confusing to understand. The short and correct answer is the federal statutory and administrative rules establish the basic minimum requirements that the state must implement however, there is broad discretion among the states in certain areas. Individual states can design and implement their own rules based off the framework laid out by the federal guidelines. The state must also run the agencies that govern the implementation of the individual programs, therefore the state often has more say in how the individual agencies are running. As long as the minimum requirements are made by the state, federal leeway is given. Medicaid rules and regulations are constantly changing and evolving which can make it very difficult for all parties to keep up with. If you are unsure of the Medicaid rules in your state you can always contact your local agency to find out what rules you must follow to obtain ABD Medicaid. If you reside in the state of NJ, you're in luck! MedicaidXPress can help you understand what you need to do in order to get you or your loved one on an ABD Medicaid program.

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